Photo by Stefania Ganeri

The Italian Diaspora Studies Seminar (IDs) is aimed at establishing a broad transnational perspective on the Italian diaspora, through a series of Community-Engaged Scholarship programs characterized by the mission of focusing on the South of Italy and on the importance of material culture and of historical heritage that can be experienced only by visiting the specific locales of the diaspora, such as landscapes, spaces, food, music, and dance. Our programs are founded on experiential learning and on intersectional perspective and relay on the interpretative tools of Gender, Class and Ethnicity. 

Our mission is to construct a pathway of experiential cultural formation, destined to change, in the participants, the image of South Italy and the meaning of Italian origin.

Being in the centre of the Mediterranean, we look at the long story of the Italian diaspora through the lenses of the present-day reality of immigration, and in the light of the new Italian multiculturalism.